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Testimonial October 2019

I'm writing on behalf of Soaring Inc., a newly formed home healthcare organization.  I very luckily learned about Soaring around a half a year ago when I was looking for additional in-home assistance for the personal cares that I need.  As a result, I met and employed one of the most stellar physical care workers, PCWs, that I've met in the 38 years of my disability, Crystal Jones.  She nearly didn't need any training and I can totally trust her with all my cares, including her dependability.  I'm quadriplegic, paralyzed from my chest down, and I require many cares that I'm unable to do myself every morning and every evening of every day.

The work done by my PCWs, personal care attendants, is difficult because of the level of cares needed.  Also, it's very hard to find individuals who are interested and willing to do the work involved.  It's low pay usually with no benefits.  However, the work is very important because it's performing cares for people who are vulnerable, whether it be because of disability, age or both.

Soaring has established a very interesting, different, more holistic approach in their offer of services.  They think not only of the client but also the PCW and therefore have included childcare for their working moms.

I would highly recommend both Crystal and Soaring to any and all others. 


Barbara Vedder


MAY 2019

Former client testimonial

“You ladies Rock!
The love and support and advice Regina, Geraldine and Josie gave my father David and my great Aunt Lilly was outstanding. I've been looking for you ladies since my father passed because some friends’ parents needed some assistants and all I could think about was you ladies, and how much love and quality care you guys gave.”

If you need cares at home, you found the right provider - these Ladies won’t let you down - I promise!


Mrs. Conner


June 2019

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May 2019

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