Our Team of Servant Leaders

Our employees receive comprehensive training and undergo drug screening along with a criminal background check prior to hiring.

Each staff person goes through and extensive screening process. Each applicant is interviewed with verification of credentials and references. Once hired, all staff are direct employees of Soaring Independent Cooperative; therefore Soaring Independent Coop is responsible for (i) Payroll; (ii) Payroll Taxes; (iii) Payroll Related Insurance; (iv) Workers Compensation Insurance and all other responsibilities of an employer. In addition all employees are bonded and insured.

As a worker owned company, our employees personal investment in the business promotes the success of our clients and team.


— Georgia Allen, Co-Founder & CEO

— Georgia Allen, Co-Founder & CEO


“To building intentional communities that flourish. If we serve together, we grow together, and together we rise above adverse circumstances.”

— Josezette Bridges, Co-Founder & President

— Josezette Bridges, Co-Founder & President


“We keep care personal. We understand you and how to provide the assistance you desire.”

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-Soaring Independent Co-op Founders & Leadership Team


“Family isn’t just who we have grown to be, it's how we serve others.”