Our Story

Soaring Independent Co-op incorporated in January 2019, changing the home care industry in Madison, WI and surrounding areas. We are a social impact business that operates in the best interest of the complementary communities of those we serve and our employees.

Soaring Independent Cooperative was founded by a group of women who are professional caregivers and family caregivers of aging relatives and children. The founders and leadership team use their shared 30 year professional healthcare and personal experience to build flourishing communities for people needing care, family caregivers, and direct care professionals.

With the rapidly rising demand for caregiver services and decreasing supply of quality direct care professionals, we saw both devoted professionals and recipients of care living in conditions that weren’t healthy or acceptable. We also recognized the effects this was having on family caregivers, as we also wore the hat of family caregiver. 

As a group of women from the same community, we supported each other in multiple ways, including assisting with family caregiver duties for children, aging relatives, and individuals with physical and/or mental health disabilities. We unintentionally built a culturally competent network of support, empowering both skilled professionals and unpaid caregivers who understood the need and value of our work. We saw an opportunity to build a worker-owned cooperative that represents the voices of caregivers from all backgrounds.


Our Guiding principles develop the tools needed to produce flourishing communities of direct care workers, family caregivers & care recipients.

  • Nurturing creative intelligence: Creating a safe, unbiased platform to try innovative ideas that support our mission and produce opportunities to go beyond what is given to generate novel ideas and innovation within the care economy.  

  • Exploring cultural diversity: dispelling negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. Bringing together diverse cultural perspectives to inspire creativity and drive innovation.

  • Participating in applied learning experiences: Translating real-world situations to classroom knowledge. Developing a deeper understanding of professional development and continuing education course materials. Utilizing real-world skills that are valued by care recipients, family caregivers and direct care workers to make a more appealing workforce.