How to request services from Soaring Independent Cooperative

  1. Visit our Services Page to learn about what assistance we can provide.

    • Find the service that most closely matches the assistance you seek.

    • Complete the Request More Information form.


2. Click the Contact Us button to contact Soaring Independent Cooperative directly.


WHat happens when I submit an inquiry form?

  1. Our client coordinator will respond via a phone call within 24 hours of your request.

  2. The client coordinator will ask questions to find out how we can help you live the life you prefer.

  3. Once we have jointly identified the ways that Soaring Independent can best serve you, we will set up a date and time to send our Registered Nurse to complete a home assessment within 3 days from the intake call.


What options are available for payment?

There are many payment options. Learn more about their pros & cons at the following: Paying For Senior Care.

Currently Soaring Independent Cooperative accepts self pay options.

  1. Self-Payment Options for Home Care

    • Reverse Mortgages & HELOCs

    • Life Insurance Policy Conversions

    • Home Care Loans

    • Long-Term Care Insurance

  2. Financial Assistance for Home Care

    • Original Medicare's Benefits

    • Medicare Advantage's Benefits

    • Medicaid

    • Veterans Programs

    • State Non-Medicaid Programs

    • Other Options


What SHOULD I expect during the home assessment?

  1. We ask that your caregiver or family who helps with medical and home needs are present during this visit to make sure all concerns and needs are known.

  2. During your home assessment our Registered Nurse and Client Coordinator will assess your needs and the safety of your home environment to create your person-centered care plan to ensure Soaring Independent Cooperative addresses your specific needs.

  3. Once we have determined that the Client and the Registered Nurse are the best possible fit, we can start the on-boarding process, which includes the creation of and mutual agreement on your care plan, rates, deposit and payment options, home care specialist preferences, and reviewing the expectations of both parties.

  4. Upon Client agreement and payment completion, we provide a welcome package and set up a date within 48 hours (or another agreed-upon date) to set up a meet and greet with your personal Home Care Specialist.


Medicare Requirements

Medicare requires that the following conditions be met before reimbursing for home health services:

  • The individual to whom the services are provided is an eligible Medicare beneficiary

  • A physician certifies the need for services and establishes a plan of care

  • The beneficiary must meet Medicare's definition of "homebound"

  • The care must be provided in the patient's place of residence

  • The individual needs skilled nursing on an intermittent basis or physical therapy or speech therapy or has a continued need for occupational therapy once one of the other skilled disciplines has established a plan of care

  • The services are provided by a Medicare-certified home health agency

When the above conditions are met, physicians may also order home health aide services or medical social worker services.