Our Impact

Soaring Independent Cooperative was founded by a group of women who are both paid & unpaid caregivers of adults/ children family and friends. The founders as well as the leadership team shares over 35 years of experience as healthcare professionals within direct care field, training and management.

With the rapidly rising demand of caregiver services and decreasing supply of quality paid caregivers, we saw both devoted workers and recipients of care living conditions that weren’t healthy or acceptable in such a valuable industry. We also recognized the effects this was having on those caring for their loved ones, as we also wore the hat as unpaid caregivers. 

As a group of women from the same community, where we supported each other in multiple ways; assistance in caregiver duties for aging, disabled and growing family and friends; empowerment; culturally competent community of people who knew the value of our work as both paid/ unpaid caregivers. We saw an opportunity to build a worker owned cooperative that represents the voices of Women caregivers.

We found that Woman led both unpaid (66%) & paid (89%) caregiver services. We then found that more than half of the paid caregiver industry represents women of color.  As a paid caregiver the pay is low with little to no benefits or pathways for upward mobility. Many home care workers rely upon public health care coverage and other government benefits such as nutrition and housing assistance.

There are a number of systemic issues that contribute to the lack of value/ acknowledgment towards the work of both a paid/ unpaid caregiver. Our Worker owned cooperative provides both paid/ unpaid caregivers the support they need and opportunities to build intentional socially minded organizations that reflect the holistic needs of workers. 

Objectives of  Soaring Independent Cooperative:

1. Nurture creative intelligence:

A safe, unbiased platform to try innovative ideas that support our mission. Opportunities to go beyond what is given to generate novel and interesting ideas to improve care conditions.  

2. Explore cultural diversity:

Dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. Providing Diverse cultural perspectives to inspire creativity and drive innovation.

3. Participate in applied learning experiences:

Translate classroom knowledge to real-world situations. Develop a deeper understanding of professional development and continuing education course materials. Gain real-world skills that are valued by caregivers and recipients.

These objectives develop the tools needed to produce a flourishing community of caregivers, care recipients and their families.



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