Soaring Independent Cooperative premium services to clients throughout Dane County. Our assistance programs are designed to help individuals maintain independence, comfort and safety in their preferred environment.

Our mission

To increase the economic capability of direct care workers through support, empowerment and worker engagement to ensure the delivery of premium direct care services.

Our Vision

Be a leader in the direct care industry by increasing the capacity of skills & talent within each direct care worker to promote innovative opportunities.

Our Core Values

Care: Valuing differences, dignity, and working together to ensure the well-being and independence of each employee and client.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve our mission through sharing a common purpose, culture and goal.

Dedication: Each day we dedicate our energy and skills to promote quality to our employees and clients.

Integrity: Honesty and trustworthiness in all our affairs.

Quality: Maintaining a Top-Quality direct care workforce for ensure Premium services through continuous training.

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Servant Leaders

This team shares over 20 years combined direct care, training and management experience. We are passionate about creating the best quality of life for both direct care staff and clients who need our support.

Soaring Independent Cooperative is one of many home care cooperatives across the United States. We are excited to bring a worker- owned home care business to Dane County, WI.

Soaring Independent Cooperative is an empowering workplace for direct care workers in Dane County, WI by offering opportunities for collective ownership that promotes loyalty, consistency and reliability to meet the growing demand of home care services.

We are committed to providing Top- Quality service and direct care workforce opportunities to our Dane County community!

Please contact us about career opportunities with Soaring Independent Cooperative.